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Study Part A: Emission Sources and Possible Mitigantion Measures of Cruise Terminals

Due to a changing environmental awareness and increasing ship call numbers in port cities, emissions from cruise terminals and cruise ships at berth became an intensely discussed topic. Port authorities as well as cruise ship operators are interested in solutions to reduce relevant emissions from cruise operations such as greenhouse gases, air pollutants or noise. However, the field of possible mitigation technologies is diverse and it is not always clear which is the best measure to take.
The report on hand is the outcome of a literature study of international best practice cases and already in ports applied emission mitigation measures. The main emission sources of a typical cruise terminal with a cruise ship at berth are identified and described in detail at the example of Hamburg City’s newest cruise center, the Cruise Center Steinwerder. Based on recent publications and interviews, the study evaluates mitigation measures for the regarded emission sources (cruise ship at berth, terminal building, cargo handling equipment and passenger/delivery traffic), presents examples of already implemented mitigation measures and shows two best practice cases of cruise ships with successfully installed mitigation concepts.

Study Part B: Technical Noise Investigations at Hamburg City Cruise Terminals

Cruise shipping is an extraordinarily developing tourism branch in the City of Hamburg. The amount of cruise ship calls in Hamburg increased by 74 % from 2010 to 2016. For 2018 more than 200 calls with more than 800,000 passengers are expected (Bürgerschaft der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg, 2017). Typically, the cruise ships stay for one day with times at berth approximately 10 – 12 hours (from ca. 06:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.). Only about 5 % stay overnight (López, 2017).
The continuously increasing number of cruise ships as well as related terminal operations and delivery traffic are possible sources of noise emissions that can adversely affect residents. This report investigates the noise emissions of relevant noise sources of a cruise terminal in operation (i.e. cruise ship at berth, cargo handling equipment and passenger/delivery traffic) by acoustic measurements and presents recommendations for noise handling procedures and technical mitigation measures. The investigations focus on the noise emissions of three cruise ships at berth. According to literature, this is assumed to be the terminal’s dominant noise source during operation.

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